ING verbeterde de controle over bedrijfsprocessen met VMC

ING, monitoringThe ING Group is one of the world’s leading financial corporations, offering banking, insurance and asset management services to more than one million customers worldwide. ING is represented in Spain through its network of offices and more than 2.500 franchised insurance and investment agencies. With a complex infrastructure and a growing business, demanding audits and multiple services to monitor, they needed a more efficient monitoring solution.

With VISUAL Message Center they got proactive, increased availability and improved IT’s credibility in only a couple of weeks.

Every day operations

Jordi Bueno Molpeceres, IT Systems manager at ING Spain, faced a very common problem in dayto- day operations. Even though he had various monitoring tools to fall back on, none of these tools were sufficiently heterogeneous, multi platform, proactive or powerful to control ING’s business services from a global perspective. They were merely tools and did not offer any real solutions.

Services too critical to ignore

Many of the tools ING used were low cost, open source or developed internally. None of them made

ING feel comfortable enough that they could ensure the highest service levels that ING was seeking. “The tools did not deal with the IT department’s needs in a satisfying way and worst of all, they were not geared towards Business Services monitoring but instead focused on isolated technical components.”, comments Jordi Bueno, “We needed agility, to find out about a problem before the end user did.” “VISUAL Message Center met all our demands and even added a Service Level Management to control whether objectives are met for every monitored service.” Monitoring frameworks are generally so complex and cumbersome that it is hard to reach a level of autonomous management, even after months of implementation and training.

With VISUAL Message Center there are no such problems: “We are perfectly capable of maintaining and extending the solution”, says Bueno. The availability of critical services like a company’s CRM is crucial in any company, but especially in a company like ING. “An incident that affects the quality of our service has a high cost in lost business, creates a negative image of ING, reduces the productivity of our sales network or means delays in important corporate reporting”, adds Bueno.

All in the same solution

So what were the reasons for choosing VISUAL Message Center over the solutions of world-renowned brands like HP and IBM? Many, according to Jordi Bueno: “VISUAL Message Center is easy to use, has incredibly short implementation times, is more economical and at the end of the implementation project, the know-how stayed here in ING.” This last factor is usually an important factor in a company’s decision making process.

A big jump in quality

And what were the results? “The implementation was very successful and done in the estimated time, without any problems whatsoever”, states Jordi Bueno, adding: we now have a tremendous visibility of both our critical services as well as of our infrastructure. We can now deal with any incident proactively, manage availability and security in real time, and generate abundant reporting for historical examination, capacity management and forensic analysis. “VISUAL Message Center is a solution of the highest standard, stable and innovative in its approach to monitoring. We have made huge advances in quality. We can now depend on a monitoring solution that enables high-value IT-Services management and allows for the best possible alignment with world class best practices such as ITIL.”

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